Semalt Expert From Islamabad: How To Block Darodar Ghost Referrers often shows up in the referral list of your Google Analytics profile, despite the fact that it does not send you genuine traffic. You might observe apparent visits, all of which have 100% bounce rate and zero seconds spent on your website. engages in the practice known as referrer spam. The site pretends to offer real traffic, but it does not. publishes a list of its best referrals, and the spammers believe that by getting into these lists they can get quality backlinks.

Another reason is that they hope you will visit their websites and will buy something from their affiliate links. By all means, is a black hat SEO company that promises to increase your traffic, but it performs the tasks with illegal and unethical techniques.

Sohail Sadiq, a leading specialist from Semalt, provides here some helpful tips in this regard.

How does referrer spam affect the data?

Whatever the reasons for referrer spam, this does impact the Google Analytics data. One of the major reasons for using GA is to check which websites are sending you legitimate traffic and which ones are involved in illegal traffic sending tactics. It's also important to know which sites are ranked better in the search engine results and how to improve your strategies for getting new links.

The bounce rate and time spent on your site are important as these let you improve the structure and content of your website. If you own a business site, this will help you improve the conversion rate and will generate new leads for you. If you want to make some important decisions about the growth of your business based on Google Analytics data, you should stop referrer spam from interfering with the accuracy of your data.

How to get rid of referrer spam?

The good news is that it's possible to get rid of referrer spam from the Google Analytics data. The best way is to set up some filters in your Google Analytics account. Some websites use bots to visit your web pages, while the others send the fake visits directly to your Google Analytics account without even visiting your website. You can remove both of them by creating filters in your Google Analytics account.

For setting up filters for, you should bear in mind the followings:

Sign in your Google Analytics account and go to the Admin section.

Select the Account and Property option in the drop-down and create filters in the Dedicated Views section.

Under the View drop-down, you should click on the New Filter option and name your filter as

Don't forget to select the custom filter option and choose the Referral in your Filter Field drop-down.

Here you have to insert darodar\.com in the Filter section and click on the Save button before closing the window.

What about other spam referrers?

You can easily add such filters for all the spam referrers that show up in the Google Analytics account. You should keep an eye on the new domains appearing in your data and add new filters for whatever shows up with time.